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iScope® and Loss Estimating FAQs

Why is iScope® free for 30 days?
iScope® was developed by a public insurance adjuster for contractors and Public Insurance Adjusters as a means of giving back to like-minded professionals.

Can I add pictures to estimates?
Yes, iScope® allows you to upload pictures to support your estimate. Simply go to Estimate > Add Pictures to Estimate and then browse your computer for the appropriate folder. Once uploaded, you can rename the photos and add detailed descriptions to them as well as bulk rename all photos in a folder.

Can I print the estimate to PDF?
Yes. iScope® includes a print-to-PDF utility. Each printout features:

  • A header with your company name and logo (if uploaded) and project name (usually the insured's name) as well as time-stamped, page-numbered footer
  • A cover sheet with policyholder information, adjuster's name, disclaimers, and policyholder acknowledgement
  • Room-by-room details and estimates
  • Pictures (if uploaded)

What if I want to email the estimate?
You can do that too. iScope® has a built-in email utility. Simply choose Estimate > Email this Estimate and enter the recipient's email address and click Send. Your recipient will receive an email right away containing a PDF version of your estimate.

Is it possible to change some of iScope®'s default settings?
Yes. Go to Configure > Global Settings and you'll find a comprehensive selection of configurable options. For example, you can change your default preferences for: New Estimates and Rooms, Selecting Tasks, Code Usage, Standard Openings, Units of Measure, Macros, Email, Financials, and Reports.

Can I apply factoring to estimates with iScope®?
Yes. Go to Pricing > Apply Factoring to Estimates. Here you'll be able to change prices up or down by a percentage or dollar amount as well as set a specific price for items. You can also apply factoring to the entire dwelling, specific rooms, or specific line items.

Who Needs or can Benefit from using iScope® Loss Estimating Software?
iScope® loss estimating software is designed specifically to meet the needs of public insurance adjusters though other professionals involved in estimating costs involved in rebuilding or remodeling may find the software useful as well.