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Why iScope® Claim Software?

iScope® claim software is unique in that it was developed specifically for the public insurance adjusting profession. Because an actual working public adjuster developed the software, iScope delivers powerful loss estimating tools from a public adjuster's perspective. It includes tools that make your job easier and the estimating process faster. Below are a few of the more notable features.

Features of iScope® Damage Estimating Software

User-friendly controls. The software is sophisticated and powerful, but it is also extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Built-in room lists. The software includes built-in room lists with standard measurements. Simply select the rooms you need to estimate, enter the appropriate dimensions, add standard door and window openings – all with just a few clicks.
Macros and short codes. iScope® solves one of the most frustrating tasks associated with loss estimating software: redundant data entry. With macros and short codes, you can quickly enter complex line items by entering the appropriate short code.
Ability to add pictures. Bring everything together by adding photos documenting the damage to each room.
Supports factoring which can be applied to the entire estimate or to selected rooms
And more…

The best way to find out if iScope® claim software is right for your insurance adjusting business is to give it a spin. Download your free trial today or lease iScope® today click here