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Benefits of Loss Estimating Software

Why use loss estimating software when you could estimate losses the good old-fashioned way? Loss estimating software delivers hundreds of stress free benefits including:

  • Speed – Taking paper notes, pouring through heavy thick pricing books, and manually calculating each line item is time-consuming and tedious, and loss estimating software changes that. Simply plug in the room dimensions, enter the appropriate code, and let the software do the work for you in a flash.

  • Accuracy – Using current pricing databases and computerized calculations results in accurate estimates.

  • Consistency – Using loss estimating software guarantee that all line items and per unit prices are consistent across the entire estimate as well as in future estimates.

  • Professionalism – Speed, accuracy, and consistency work together to create a timely, more professional-looking estimate which makes you look more professional as a result. In addition, iScope®'s PDF printouts deliver a professional, consistent layout complete with important policyholder details, public adjuster's contact information, time stamps, estimate details, and related photos.

Are you ready to take advantage of these inspiring benefits? Download iScope® today.